Most of the six-year-old girls live in their own little world and don’t think much about anything beyond that. However, they are open to learning all types of new things. Therefore, as a parent, it is your responsibility to create an environment for your girl that can help improve her cognitive development as well as encourage her to learn essential life skills. The right toys can help you make all that learning fun and exciting. To save you from the hassle of browsing through tons of toys to find the right ones, here we are listing some of the best toys for 6 year old girl available on the market. Our list includes different types of toys, so you can pick the ones that best suit your child’s personality and interests:

8 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girl

Best Choice

FAO Schwarz Wooden Castle Building Block Set

Rating: 4.8/5 stars

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Premium Pick

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

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Best Value

HedBanz Jr.

Rating: 4.6/5 stars

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1.      FAO Schwarz Wooden Castle Building Block Set ($45)-4.8

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If your little girl has recently watched a Disney movie and is asking you for a castle, get her this building block set by FAO Schwarz and tell her to build her own castle.

In addition to bringing her dreams to life, this wooden building block set will help her develop fine motor and problem-solving skills. It will also encourage your child to be creative and use her imagination.

Since the building block set has a castle theme, most young girls are going to love it. Made of natural wood, the blocks are perfectly safe for your child and are also sturdy, which means the toy is going to last with your child for a long time.

At a Glance

  • Available in two varieties – 75 pieces and 150 pieces
  • The wooden blocks are safe and durable
  • Educational STEM toy – will help your little girl develop fine motor skills, learn problem-solving, and be creative
  • A great toy for playing with friends or even you can join your girl in the castle-building activity to spend some quality time with her

1.      KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse ($189)-4.4

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We know most young girls are obsessed with dollhouses. This is why we have chosen this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast-themed dollhouse as one of the best gifts for six-year-old girls.

However, unlike what most people think, dollhouses are not just fun, they also offer many educational benefits as well as by helping develop a child’s mental, emotional, and social skills. When playing with a dollhouse, children imagine scenarios, create situations, and take up roles, which according to child development experts, enable them to freely investigate the world around them, learn new things on their own, boost their imagination and creativity, and develop their confidence. The role-play and exchange of dialogues also help children develop their social skills and improve their vocabulary and language.[1] Dollhouse plays are also known to help develop fine motor skills, problem-solving, and organizational skills.[2]

So, if you are not getting your girl a dollhouse, despite her insistence, because you thought they do not offer any value, it’s time that you change your perception and buy this beautiful triple story dollhouse inspired by one of the best Disney movies of all times – Beauty and the Beast.

Standing 4 feet tall, the dollhouse can be used with your daughter’s existing doll collection.

At a Glance

  • Disney licensed
  • Comes filled with furniture and with a bendy Lumiere figure
  • The dollhouse is large enough for shared play
  • The imaginative play will promote your child’s brain development in many ways as well as help her learn many new skills

2.      HedBanz Jr. ($10) – 4.6

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A wonderful card game to help promote your child’s ability to think as well as teach her the importance of teamwork and collaboration, HedBanz Jr. is specially created for younger kids (age 5 and above).

To make the game a little easier for young children, the card game has an animal theme and requires 2 to 4 players. Containing 24 animal cards, an animal card map, 4 clue card mats, 32 clue cards, and an instruction manual, HedBanz is always a hit among young children.

At a Glance

  • Comes with 24 animal cards, an animal card map, 4 clue card mats, 32 clue cards, and an instruction manual.
  • Specially created for young children
  • Since every player is dependent on others to guess the animal on the card she/he is wearing, the game helps children learn the importance of collaboration and teamwork
  • Helps promote thinking

3.      Step 2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk ($70)-4.6

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If your little girl loves to draw and paint, help your young artist polish her skills and encourage her to practice by gifting her this wonderful art desk. While it is mainly designed for fostering art skills in children, the desk can also be used to help your child practice writing.

Featuring a writing surface that can easily be wiped clean, several small compartments to hold stationery, art supplies, and books, and a push-button light, this tiny desk will be a perfect gift for your six-year-old.

The desk can be used to teach your child to be organized by telling her to keep all her drawing stuff in the desk compartments and use the desk whenever she wants to draw, paint, or write.

At a Glance

  • Features an erasable writing surface, several compartments for holding children’s books and stationery, and a push-button light
  • Comes with a chair
  • Can be used to teach children to become more organized

4.      Be Amazing! Toys Big Bag of Science Works ($31)- 4.4

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While a six-year-old child is too young to exhibit an interest in science, you can introduce her to the wonderful world of science and inspire a love for it.

A STEM toy consisting of real (but safe for children) scientific tools, this science kit can be used to perform more than 70 different activities from different areas of science.

Let your child create her own science lab at home and learn the basics of chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and magnetism as well as interesting facts about life and the Earth.

Specifically designed to incite curiosity in young kids and encourage them to think, explore, and discover, this science kit is also ideal for group activities. However, make sure to not leave children without supervision to avoid the chances of fight and mess.    

At a Glance

  • Ideal for introducing your little girl to science
  • Help children develop a love for learning
  • Help children learn the basics of different areas of science
  • Can be used to perform more than 70 activities that are both educational and fun

5.      Osmo Coding Jam ($60) – 4.6

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Specifically created for children between the ages of 5 and 12, this Osmo game helps your child learn the basics of coding in the most entertaining way possible i.e. by creating music. It is also a great way to make your child’s screen time productive. Rather than letting her sitting idle in front of the screen watching cartoon movies, let your daughter interact with on-screen content and use her brain to create original music by using coding blocks.

The game works with an iPad or a Fire Tablet. The only downside of Osmo Coding Jam is that it doesn’t include the Osmo base that is necessary for playing the game; it has to be bought separately.

At a Glance

  • A fun way to teach coding to children as well as to boost their creativity
  • The parent app allows you to keep track of your child’s profile and progress
  • Makes screen time productive

6.      Magnetic Poetry – Kids Story Maker Kit ($19)- 4.1

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At the age of six, your girl is still learning to communicate, so why not let her improve her language and communication skills in a fun way?

Containing a collection of color-coded magnetic tiles with words and phrases written on them, the kit encourages children to use their imagination and creativity and create small stories or poems. It will also help them learn the basics of grammar and language – the tiles are color-coded according to different parts of speech.

At a Glance

  • Contains more than 150 color-coded magnetic tiles
  • Help children learn the basics of grammar
  • Boosts creativity by encouraging children to use their imagination and create sentences, stories, and/or poems
  • A fun and engaging way to improve language and communication skills

7.      Doodle World Map Coloring Pillowcase ($20) – 4.4

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The benefits of coloring have long been established – the activity is not only fun, but also helps improve focus and concentration. It is also known to be a highly relaxing activity.

While it is likely that your child already has coloring books, make coloring more fun for your six-year-old girl by getting her this amazing coloring pillowcase.

With a world map printed on it, the pillowcase comes with ten special fabric markers in different colors. The map features the outlines of the continents along with different words and pictures related to different countries. This means your girl will also be learning many new things about the world while improving her concentration and focus in a fun way.

At a Glance

  • Fun and educational gift
  • Featuring a world map, the pillowcase can be washed and re-colored
  • Comes with 10 fabric markers
  • Helps improve the child’s focus and concentration
  • A great way to teach children about the basics of world geography

Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girl – Buying Guide

Six-year-old girls are generally inquisitive, playful, and open to experiencing and learning new things. Most of them still love to play with their Barbie dolls, having tea parties with them, but they also start exhibiting new interests.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to figure out what your little girl has an aptitude for and then help her develop the relevant skills. It is also the right age to guide your little girl in a particular direction if you want her to follow that route in the future. For example, if you want your girl to get into sports or arts, it is time you introduce her to that field.

While there are many ways to spark development in your little girl, using toys is one of the best ways to do that. With the help of toys, you can teach her new and useful skills as well as help in her mental development in fun and exciting ways.

Fortunately, with plenty of options available out there, it’s not hard to find the right toys for six-year-old girls. However, here are some of the most important factors to consider when buying gifts and toys for a six-year-old girl:

  • Her personality and interests – it is highly important to consider what your little girl is into. Does she like games that involve physical activity or does she like playing with dolls or craft kits in her room? Or is she the artsy one? Figure out what your child loves the most or what kind of personality she has and get her relevant gifts to make sure she likes them.
  • The usefulness or value of the toy + fun element – While not every toy has an educational value and many are just meant for fun, the ones that help your child learn new things or polish her skills are generally considered the best ones. But, you should not ignore the fact that your little girl is just six-year-old and she wants to have fun as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t be forcing her to learn something new or be creative all the time. Let her enjoy too. The best course of action is to create a balance between learning and fun.

The best gifts and toys for six-year-old girls are those that are fun, incite her interest/curiosity, encourage her to use reasoning, imagination, and let her express her creativity in some way. Even if a toy doesn’t meet all these criteria, make sure it fulfills at least a couple of them.

Best Toys for 6 Year Old Girl – FAQs

  • Can I let my girl play with the science kit by herself or does she need adult supervision?

While the science kit that we have listed above is perfectly safe for your six-year-old girl, it is recommended that you join her in science experiments to make sure she is doing things right as well as to explain her different phenomena. Without adult supervision, science experiments will just be fun for her and not a learning exercise.

  • Do I need to teach coding to my daughter?

Well, it is not necessary to teach coding to your child, but it is a useful skill that can benefit her in the future.

We live in a world that is being largely dominated by computing devices and it continues to be the same for a long time. By teaching your daughter how these devices work is a useful skill and would help her in life in many ways.

  • What developmental skills should I look to develop in my six-year-old through toys?

The toys of a six-year-old girl should help develop her motor skills as well as help her learn to be independent and responsible. While it is likely that she may need your assistance for many things, let her explore and try on her own first and only help when she asks for it.

Top Pick

FAO Schwarz Wooden Castle Building Block Set is our top pick for the best toy for six-year-old girls because it is fun, helps develop problem-solving and fine motor skills, and boost the child’s imagination and creativity,

In today’s world where children spend a large amount of time in front of screens, this toy is a great way to divert her attention and let her explore new things. 


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