It’s fascinating how fast our children grow up. Just yesterday, you were changing your boy’s diaper. Today, your kid is capable of using the toilet on his own. Watching your kid grow is the most beautiful feeling in the world, and you strive to make sure that your kid gets the best of everything. Four-year-old kids and preschoolers are somewhat independent and confident. They enjoy playing with their toys for a long time, and they don’t crave for the continuous attention of their parents.

At the age of 4, your child’s attention span increases significantly. This is why they show interest in memory games and don’t get bored with a toy within a few minutes. For children at this age, you should get toys that encourage social interaction and help them develop critical skills such as communication, sharing, and turn-taking. With this, we listed below the best toys for 4 year old boys you can buy for your child.

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Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys

Rating: 4.2/5 stars

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Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Rating: 4/5 stars

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Hape All-im-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel with Paper Roll and Accessories

Rating: 4.2/5 stars

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Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys

1. Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys

You will be surprised to see how quickly your little one learns new things. While you were contemplating over getting a 50-piece puzzle set for his birthday, you got surprised to see how easily your child assembles his take-apart toys. If your child has started showing interest in assembling toys, it is time you get Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys – Build Your Own Racing Vehicle Toy Construction Playset for him. With your little supervision – since the game requires the use of a power drill – you can teach your child how to take apart and rebuild different types of cars. 

It’s a 30-piece toy set that comes with parts such as engine, hood, roof, spoilers, engine, and bumpers (side and front). This set is a perfect way to introduce the interior of a car to your child and to teach him about common car problems. This is a perfect gift for children who love cars, and it also provides a good opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their son.

Key Features

  • All parts are separable – allowing kids to assemble the car from the scratch
  • Realistic engine sounds and lights keep kids glued to the toy

At a Glance   

  • Brand: Liberty Imports
  • Model Number: N/A
  • Weight: 45 pounds

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2. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Tired of toy cars? Why not spice up the fun with a life-like jeep? Boys will go crazy over the gift. A two-seater four-wheeler jeep provides ample opportunity for children to play with their friends and older siblings. Give your son a chance to see what it is like to start an engine and drive around a real car. A perfect gift for your car enthusiast, this gift guarantees endless backyard adventures.

Key Features

  • Working radio with an MP3 jack
  • Realistic jeep styling
  • Working lights
  • 5 and 5 mph max. forward – 2.5 max. reverse

At a Glance   

  • Brand: Power Wheels
  • Model Number: CBG65
  • Weight: 78 pounds

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3. Hape All-im-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel with Paper Roll and Accessories

An award-winning product, Hape All-im-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel with Paper Roll and Accessories is a wooden easel with a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic whiteboard on the other. Equipped with non-toxic finishes, this product is completely safe for your little one. The product features three paint pots and a replaceable paper roll. The product height is adjustable, so it can grow as your son gets older.

Key Features

  • Two-in-one art easel
  • Adjustable height
  • The wood used in the product comes from FSC-managed forests

At a Glance   

  • Brand: Hape
  • Model Number: E1010B
  • Weight: 13 pounds

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4. Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter

By the age of 4, your child has developed enough physical strength. Instead of sitting in one place and playing games, he will prefer to spend more time in the backyard and engage in physical activity. For this, micro scooters are a perfect way for your four-year-old child.

Key Features

  • Adjustable T-bar allows the vehicle to grow with the child
  • Adjustable height
  • Fun deck colors
  • Duel-injection deck

At a Glance   

  • Brand: Micro Kickboard
  • Model Number: MMD002
  • Weight: 6 pounds

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5. VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

Do you want your kid to be the next Roger Taylor? Then, get him the perfect drum set. Music is important for the social, physical, and mental development of your preschoolers. Let his imagination run wild and let him make as many different tunes as he can. The set comes with two drum sticks that can be used to tap the four different electronic drums. Your child can either play along to any of the nine pre-set melodies or play freestyle. The product has favorable features for parents also. Its volume control allows parents to lower down the sound of the set, allowing for quieter play.

Key Features

  • Gives your child the feels of a real drummer
  • Comes with pre-set nine melodies
  • Has four modes of play

At a Glance   

  • Brand: VTech
  • Model Number: 80-134401
  • Weight: 98 pounds

Check this Product on Amazon.

6. Mega Toybrand Premium Play Tool Set

“Do you know what time it is? It’s tool time”. No, we are not asking you to gift a Home Improvement DVD Set to your child. But, a real looking toolset that will give your child’s imaginations a big boost. Kids at this age observe everything quickly. Give the set to the child and be fascinated by your child’s imagination levels. Regardless of the occasion, this toy set is a must-have for your kid.

Key Features

  • Premium play toolset that keeps kids occupied for hours
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • 68-piece workstation

At a Glance   

  • Brand: ToyVelt
  • Model Number: N/A
  • Weight: 51 pounds

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7. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids

If you are looking for a product that guarantees endless fun and uncontrollable laughter, we recommend you buy Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids. Perhaps the best alternative to screen time, the pogo jumper improves balance and enhances a child’s motor skills. The high-quality foam scores high in durability and can hold up to 250lbs. A built-in squeaker adds more color to jumping and makes it more fun. Its soft and comfortable grips allow children to keep playing for hours. The product is perfect for both outdoors and indoors.

Key Features

  • Premium durable foam
  • Doesn’t scratch floor
  • Stretchy bungee spring that accommodates any height

At a Glance   

  • Brand: Flybar
  • Model Number: MFF-R
  • Weight: 6 ounces

Check this Product on Amazon.

8. Prextex Dinosaur Volcano House

Almost every child goes through a dinosaur phase – unless your child turns out to be Ross Gellar. They love to discover how these now-extinct animals used to live on our earth. For these curious children, Prextex Dinosaur Volcano House is a creative playset that comes with four plush dinosaurs and a volcano house.   

Your babies will love to take the dinosaurs in and out of the volcano – an activity that will develop their coordination skills.

Key Features

  • Washable fabric
  • Easy open and close zippered door
  • 6-inch handcrafted plush dinosaurs

At a Glance   

  • Brand: Prextex
  • Model Number: N/A
  • Weight: 5 ounces

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Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys – FAQs

Buying toys for your kid seems like a complex task. Most of the parents complain about the lack of interest shown by their children in the gift on which they spend a couple of hundred dollars. Four-year-old boys have more developed personalities. As such, they have command over the language and can communicate their likes and dislikes in a better manner. So before you go and buy gifts for your child, you must listen to what your child likes. In this section, we’ll have a brief look at some of the concerns shared by parents.

Q: What are some of the personal, social, and emotional skills that my four-year-old son should start demonstrating?

While every child grows at their own pace, four-year-old boys children begin developing more social skills and are often keen to form more friendships. They love to play a game that encourages team building.

Q: What kind of toys should I buy for my four-year-old child?

At the age of 4, your child is in a better position to communicate his feelings to you. He may well communicate what toy he is hoping to get for, say, his birthday or Christmas. If you are getting a puzzle or similar toy for your son, make sure that the difficulty level is not high and that your child can create a finished item. At this age, the satisfaction of creating a finished item is unparalleled and games that are easy to solve will boost your child’s confidence.

Q: Can I leave my child without supervision with his toys?

Most kids are independent enough to play on their own. However, when you introduce your four-year-old boy to a new toy, you should spend some time with him and explain to him how to play with it. Giving a toy to your child without explaining how it works will leave him confused.

Q: What kind of activities are suitable for my son?

Your child will now be able to play games like catch a ball or Hop Scotch. You can keep him engaged in these games. Also, at this age, your child has an understanding of how he will keep himself protected and he will play all the games carefully, ensuring that he doesn’t hurt himself.

Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys – Buying Guide

Just because your child is now a little older, it doesn’t mean that you don’t take safety precautions while buying a toy. In this section, we have listed some safety measures that we believe every parent must take to ensure that their kids are safe around the toys.

1. Inspect All Toys

Toys with sharp edges pose a serious threat. Toys that are made of glass, metals, or other hazardous materials shouldn’t be given to young children under the age of 8. This also includes those stuffed toys that are made up of wires that could cut, shock, or stab a child if exposed. Regularly check the toys and ensure that they aren’t unusable or broken. For example, wooden toys shouldn’t have splinters and outdoor toys – especially bikes – mustn’t have rust.

2. Clean the Room

When they are toddlers, it may get a bit tricky to teach your children to clean up the room after the playtime is over. However, this activity is essential to reduce the chances of accidental falls that occur because of tripping over the toys. Teach your children to put toys away as soon as they are done playing.

3. Check the Labels

Here are some of the labels that you must check when buying toys:

  • If the product is art materials, the label should say non-toxic
  • If the product has any paint on it, the paint should be lead-free
  • Stuffed toys should be washable
  • Toys made of fabric should be labeled as flame retardant or flame resistant.

The Final Word

Toys are important for teaching life skills to your child. Your four-year-old baby has reached the age where he can even choose the toys on his own. This is favorable for a lot of parents who struggle to find a good present for their child. However, there can be instances where you’d have to choose a gift for your child – a surprise birthday party or Christmas. For that, we hope that this buying guide will help you get the best gift for your child.


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