If there is one reason to be happy about your child’s third birthday, it’s the fact that you have successfully survived the terrible twos period. At the age of three, your little one is much more independent. He has developed a personality of its own. Since they have learned how to speak, they are in a better position to express their feelings and have a real conversation with their parents and people they know. Children at this age learn fast and this is why it is important for you – as their parent – to buy toys that help stimulate learning. Finding the best toys for 3 year old boys should not be hard.

Three-year-olds are keen to play with older children. They even don’t mind sharing their toys with other children. This is the perfect age to introduce the concept of sharing and turn-taking in your child. This can be done by introducing games that require multiple players. At this age, children will also show a considerable understanding of the rules of a game. You can leave them with their older siblings or with children of their age, and they can play cooperatively with them. This is perfect for children who are about to enter kindergarten as these skills help children easily adjust to the school environment.

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KidKraft Train Set and Table

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MightyMind Regular Edition

Rating: 4/5 stars

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First Builders Big Building Bag

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Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

1. KidKraft Train Set and Table

All aboard! Do you want a gift that keeps your child glued to itself? Then, you need to buy KidKraft Train Set and Table. Equipped with more than a hundred pieces, the playset has everything from airport, helipad, street signs, police car, people, to train tracks and trains.

Key Features

  • Brilliantly detailed wooden pieces
  • A large play area that allows more than one kid to play
  • Two bins for easy storage
  • Colorfully illustrated
  • Smart, sturdy construction

At a Glance

Brand: KidKraft

Model: 17836

Weight: 43 pounds

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2. MightyMind Regular Edition

The award-winning game, MightyMind Regular Edition comes with a claim to make kids smarter. It is perfect for a three-year-old as children at this age show interest in solving complex puzzles.

Key Features

  • Develops critical analytical thinking skills in children
  • Designed to build a child’s confidence
  • Teaches kids how to build and solve puzzles

At a Glance

Brand: Mighty Mind

Model: 40100

Weight: 14.4 ounces

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3. First Builders Big Building Bag

Using blocks, children can learn to create new structures. This gift set is a perfect way to boost a child’s imaginative skills and allow them to build different and unique structures. The 80-piece blocks also allow children to make larger structures.  

Key Features

  • Perfect for small children
  • Storage bag for convenient cleanup
  • 80 colored blocks, including special shapes

At a Glance

Brand: Mega Brands

Model: DCH63

Weight: 1 pound

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4. VTech Switch & Go Dinos

What else can be greater than dinosaurs that morph into trucks? This playset is a good way to boost the creative skills of a child. From coming up with a backstory to leading to Armageddon, children can use the toy set to run their imaginations wild.

Key Features

  • Comes with a full-size switch and go dino T-Rex and a full-size Triceratops
  • Easily transform from a dino to a speedy race car
  • The LCD screen displays cool dinosaur eyes and driver animation
  • Press the button to hear realistic dinosaur sounds

At a Glance

Brand: VTech

Model: 80-204720

Weight: 1.24 pounds

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5. Little Tikes Jump & Slide Bouncer

“Jump, jump, jump” Parents will agree when we say that the best technique to get your child into a bed is by tiring them out. Get bouncy fun for your little one sand allow them to play their heart out for as long as they can. Slides and safety mesh that comes with the product will allow the parent to leave the child on their own for a bit.

Key Features

  • Mesh slides provide maximum protection
  • Built of puncture-resistant material
  • Its heavy-duty blower provides continuous airflow

At a Glance

Brand: Little Tikes

Model: 620072X1

Weight: 37.5 pounds

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6. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Boys love vehicles. They will go crazy to see a motorcycle or a bicycle just for them. If you want to get something for your child that offers a great way for the kids to exercise their leg muscles, we recommend you get Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike for them. As an easy-to-assemble product, the bike encourages the child to explore and develop gross motor skills. Its decent-sized pedals will allow kids to pedal the bike easily. So, allow your child to play a game outdoor and bring a trike for them.

Key Features

  • Pedal-powered that allows children to ride easily
  • Easy-grip handlebars
  • A trike with cool Harley Davidson styling

At a Glance

Brand: Fisher-Price

Model: W1778

Weight: 8.5 pounds

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7. Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand gained popularity among adults and children at an unprecedented pace. It’s a valuable product that allows children to create sandcastles and other buildings. Your child will love it.

Key Features

  • Squeezable sand allows children to create incredible art
  • It is gluten and casein free and contains non-toxic material. It never dries out
  • Easy to make the art and a child won’t require parental supervision

At a Glance

Brand: Kinetic Sand

Model: 6028362

Weight: 2.95 pounds

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Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys FAQs

At a young age, most of the learning that children are doing is through toys. Since they are not going to school, they should be introduced to toys and play sets that enhance their creative skills and ensure their healthy development. When choosing a toy, go with a product that helps a child work on his gross motor and balance and coordination skills. We understand that as a parent, you may find it difficult to search for a perfect toy for your child. In this section, we have compiled the list of common questions that parents or child’s aunts and uncles ask when they are in search of a perfect toy for their munchkin.

Q: What kinds of toys are appropriate for a three-year-old child?

The reason why it is essential to buy age-appropriate gifts for your child is that the toys help in the development of your child’s emotional, mental, and physical skills. Three-year-olds will appreciate toys with simple activities that they can perform independently. They will also be interested in using buttons or lever or other instructions – press here, etc. – of a toy. They will enjoy getting a reaction from the toy. While buying a gift, look for a toy that increases the concentration skills of a child. This age is also ideal for children to enjoy model making and artistic activities. You can buy play sets that come with modeling clays and sand art to enhance the creativity of your child.

Q: What are some movement milestones of three-year-olds?

Three years olds continue to be on the move. They keep following you all around the house and just don’t sit still. Most of the kids at this age can easily:

  • Climb well
  • Kick, throw, and catch a ball
  • Ride a tricycle and run more confidently
  • Walk forward and backward easily
  • Hop and stand on one foot
  • Walk up and down stairs – one foot per step

Q: Should I expect my three-year-olds to share his toys?

At the age of 3, your child is sharp enough to understand the concept of sharing. However, don’t force your child to hand over his toys to older siblings or friends. Engage your child in a multiplayer game so that your kid can develop patience while waiting for his turn. This also allows your child to let another child share his toy or game with.

Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys Buying Guide

Even though your child has learned a lot of skills, he is still just a child who needs proper supervision. While he can handle a few toys on his own, you still need to consider safety tips when buying a toy for your little one. Here are some of the safety considerations that you must pay attention to:

Follow the Labels

Toy manufacturers always print instructions on the box of the toy. Read the instructions and follow them religiously. These instructions help you learn about the hazards of the toy.

Avoid Toys with Small Parts

While teething babies are more prone to keeping small things in their mouths, your three-year-old has not completely grown out of this habit. As a safety precaution, avoid buying toys with small parts.

Buy Non-Toxic Toys

Since three-year-olds show interest in arts and crafts, many parents buy crayons and markers for them. But, most of the time, these items contain toxic material. This is why it is important to check the label of art supplies to ensure that they are safe for children in case of accidental ingestion.

Buy Strong and Sturdy Toys

Kids love to throw their toys on the floor. If the toy is not made up of sturdy and strong material, it will break into pieces leaving sharp and pointed objects on the floor that may hurt your child.

Toys Should Not Be Recalled

Never buy a product that has been recalled. The reason why a product is recalled is that it poses a threat to a child’s life. There are plenty of sites available where you can check the status of a toy and whether it has been recalled or not. An example of such a site includes the Consumer Products Safety Commission website. In most cases, manufacturers often advertise on their website or social media pages – or through newspapers – about a voluntary product recall. So, carry out your complete research before you begin your toy hunting.  

The Final Word

Until the age of three, toys help a lot in building different skills of a child. When buying a toy for your child, you should always keep in mind the maturity of your child and his motor skills and cognitive development.

Books, single-function toys, including wooden toys, seem like a good deal for your child. But, don’t shy away from introducing toys that have more than one function. Toys that make noise, move, have interactive features, or even those that light up, hold a child’s attention for a longer period. So, choose a toy that will hold the child’s attention for longer.

The one thing that you have to take care of is to avoid gender stereotypes. Your boy may not be interested in cars and tools, and he can show interest in other toy items as well. So, always observe the interest of your child and choose a gift for him that will keep him engaged for a longer period.

Also, when buying a gift, do check the instructions on the label and only buy an age-appropriate gift. When buying puzzles for your child, start with the easy one. So, let’s say you are introducing puzzles to your child at the age of 3. Introduce a 6-piece puzzle to him and then slowly start increasing the level of difficulty. If you set the difficulty level hard from the beginning, your child will lose interest. Always remember that at a young age, your child will be more interested in playing games that offer doable tasks. This boosts the confidence of a child and he shows more interest in playing a game

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