VTech Musical Rhymes Book

VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Promote physical action, muscle movement, and the development of your child’s motor skills, along with loads of fun and excitement, with this interactive musical book. Offering 6 classic nursery rhymes, over 40 sounds, phrases, melodies, and songs, 5 bright-colored piano buttons, and multiple twisting and sliding activities, this talking book is a must-have for every child. The activities are divided into two modes – music mode and learning mode. In the learning mode, the book introduces your child to different colors and instruments.

With easy to flip pages, interesting pictures, and bright colors, the book instantly grabs children’s attention and keeps them busy and entertained for hours, all the while promoting their physical and mental development.

Inside the Box

· A colorful interactive musical book, available in red and pink colors.

· 2AAA batteries for the demo purpose.

Ideas on How to Play

· Promote physical activity by dancing with your child on songs or teaching your child different body movements or actions on nursery rhymes.

· Use the learning mode to help your child recognize and learn the names of different colors and instruments.

· Support motor skills development and let the child explore, by letting them flip the pages of the book and press different buttons.

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