VTech Magic Star Learning Table

An activity table for babies and toddlers, between 6 months and 3 years of age, this learning table by VTech comes with six exciting features and activities.  These include a steering wheel, buttons that light up and play music to help your child learn colors, a baby-phone, and an audio eBook. The book is probably the best and most interesting activity because it plays nursery rhymes. The pages of the book can also be flipped, which makes the activity even more interesting as your child will hear a new nursery rhyme with every flip.

The legs of the toy can be removed to use the table as a floor play toy. Lastly, rhymes and music can be played in two different languages – English and Spanish – which is a great way to introduce your child to different languages.

The activities that this learning table features can help develop your child’s motor skills. 

Inside the Box

  • A four-legged plastic table featuring 6 activities – a bear in the center that can be moved around with a steering wheel located on one side. The other activities include an audiobook that can be flipped, a telephone, and two different sets of buttons that light up and play music.
  • The legs of the table are detachable
  • 2 AA batteries for demo use

Ideas on How to Play

  • Press the buttons to dance on some interesting music alone, or with friends.
  • Pretend to call your mom or friend from the baby phone
  • Drive a car with the steering wheel and gear stick  
  • Enjoy listening to or acting on nursery rhymes
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