Educational Ball Drop Toy for Kids - Spinning Swirl Ball Ramp 2 Sets

Educational Ball Drop Toy for Kids – Spinning Swirl Ball Ramp 2 Sets

There are no two views about the fact that babies just love to watch and play with moving and spinning items. This interactive toy by WEofferwhatYOUwant not only lets your child enjoy their favorite activity, but also helps develop their motor skills by building a tower. This apparently simple toy is also a great way to introduce your child to cause-effect learning.

Featuring 2 sets of 5-layered ball drop towers and 4 spinning balls, this educational and fun toy also offers a great value for money.

The plastic tiers are of different and bright colors, which also make the toy highly attractive for young kids.

The toy will also help spark your child’s imagination and creativity, as they grow up a little bit by letting them build different types of towers. All in all, this ball drop toy is a great gift for your child’s first birthday as they’ll use it to learn new things for at least a couple of more years.

Inside the Box

  • 10 multi-colored tiers
  • 4 spinning polycarbonate balls that produce sounds when they roll down the marble run

Ideas on How to Play

  • Help your child build different types of towers and have fun see balls rolling down them while making interesting sounds.
  • Build two towers and drop each ball in both of them at the same time and ask your child which one will reach the bottom quickly.
  • Instead of balls, let your child use his small toy cars on the marble maze. Do it on two towers to let your child enjoy (kind-of) car racing.
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