Manhattan's Toy Baby Stella Boy Soft First Baby Doll

Manhattan's Toy Baby Stella Boy Soft First Baby Doll

Winner of multiple awards, this newborn baby boy stuffed doll instantly grabs the attention of babies because it almost looks like them. Just like babies, it wears a diaper and uses a pacifier too. Most young children get fascinated as well as excited to see something that looks just like them, so don’t worry if your baby would want to keep this doll with him/her all the time.

Widely recognized as the ultimate first doll in the play category, the doll also helps teach children responsibility by making them take up the role of its caretaker. Not to mention, it’s great for cuddling, which is one of the favorite activities of most young children.

What’s Inside the Box?

  • A stuffed newborn baby boy doll measuring 15 inches,wearing a removable cloth diaper and a onesie.
  • A pacifier.

Ideas on How to Play

  • Teach responsibility and kindness to children by engaging them in creative role play in which they take up the role of the doll’s parent or caretaker.
  • Improves muscle movement by involving children in activities like changing the diaper or giving the pacifier to the doll.


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