Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop'n Cook Walker

Toy - Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker

Featuring four different playing modes to cater to your baby’s changing needs with time, this interactive walker by Bright Starts lives up to its name! It will make your child giggle and have fun as they learn to walk.

It has a removable cooktop with different food items and buttons that light up and produce different sounds and melodies when your baby pushes them. It is also BPA-free, which means it is completely safe for babies!

The toy is a perfect choice for growing babies as it not only helps with their development and growth by making learning to walk fun, but also keeps them busy for a long time.


Inside the Box

  • A four-legged walker with removable cooktop, legs that can be locked in place, and three shapes-blocks (square, triangle, circle).
  • The cooktop features a corn that pops up when the child pressed the button, a lever that when slid makes a sandwich with a cartoon face pop-up, a frying pan with a sunny side up egg, and a few buttons that light up and produce interesting sounds when pushed.

Ideas on How to Play

  • Let children imagine that they are having friends over and have to cook food for them. They can make a delicious sandwich, a sunny side up egg, and a corn.
  • Push the music buttons and place the walker a little away from your child to make him try to walk towards it.
  • Remove the cooktop to convert the walker into a shopping cart and pretend play with your child that you are in a shopping mall buying toys.
  • Use the tiny shopping cart to encourage your children to collect all their toys in one place after they are done playing.
  • Lock in the legs of the walker or remove the cooktop to use it as an activity table or floor play toy.
  • Use shapes blocks to teach your child about different shapes.
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