Baby Einstein Octoplush Plush Toy

Baby Einstein Octoplush Plush Toy

This tiny, octopus-shaped stuffed toy is an ideal choice for babies who love to cuddle, squish, and squeeze their toys (almost all of them do, don’t they?). But, it’s not just a regular stuffed toy. By incorporating music and learning into this soft and attractive octopus, Baby Einstein has taken stuffed toys to another level.

Each leg of the octopus has an image, which, when pressed, indicates the color of the object and then produces a short classical melody. Also, children can listen to a different set of melodies when they squeeze the Octopus’ head. The sounds can be played in English, French, and Spanish, which is a great way to introduce different languages to your child.

While the music provides unlimited fun to children, you can turn it off when it gets overwhelming or when the baby is sleeping while hugging the toy.

Inside the Box

  • A soft plush octopus-shaped toy.

Ideas on How to Play

  • For younger babies, play the music for some fun dancing or to distract the baby while feeding.
  • Make the baby take the toy from your hand to promote muscle development/movement.
  • Encourage your child to push the buttons on their legs on their own to promote the development of their motor skills. Use different textures to help in tactile development.
  • As the baby grows up and starts to understand sounds, play the color sound on repeat to make them learn the names of different colors.
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